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Particularities of Different Types of Leukemia

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Leukemia is a cancer that is at the level of the spinal cord . Spinal cord there is a type of immature blood cells called stem cells. These cells have a neutral initial state and later develop into different types of blood cells (white blood cells , red blood cells and platelets) leukemia types .
 Leukemia interfere with the normal process of cell maturation , leading to an accumulation of blood cells partially developed in the bone marrow, blood and organs in the body. Most of these resulting cells are inefficient inside the body because they can not carry on the activity of normal blood cells leukemia types .
Depending on the speed of development, the disease may be acute leukemia (developing very rapidly) , or chronic leukemia (slow development).
leukemia types  Including acute leukemia is the inability of stem cells ( immature cells that can be found in the bone marrow ) to reach the state of maturity. These immature blood cells tend to divide and to accumulate in the bloodstream continuously .
Acute leukemia develops very rapidly and people who suffer need immediate treatment and specific treatment. If abused or neglected, acute leukemia causes the death of patients within a few months leukemia types . Although some forms of acute leukemia are usually successfully treated , other forms do not respond well to treatment.
leukemia types  A characteristic of the type of chronic leukemia is usually sick cells from more mature cells, but in most cases do not develop. Leukemic cells have a long life and tend to accumulate in the blood. While normal people have between 5,000 and 10,000 white blood cells in the body, people with chronic leukemia may have more than 100,000.
Lymphocyte and myeloid leukemia develop from different cell types leukemia types :
 the type of lymphoid leukemia develops from cells called lymphomas or lymphocytes in the tissues of the chancellors bone , while the type of myeloid leukemia (sometimes called myeloid and myeloid leukemia ) develops from myeloid cells leukemia types .
 Judging by the types of cells involved in the development of leukemia and the specific rate of cell division , for each form of the disease , the main types of leukemia are leukemia types :
 acute myeloid leukemia (AML ) , the chronic myeloid leukemia (CL) , acute lymphomas leukemia (ALL) and chronic lymphocyte leukemia (CALL) leukemia types .
More common forms of chronic leukemia , there are some rare types . Hairy cell leukemia (CL ) and chronic lymphocyte leukemia, have a slow progression. Cells of hairy cell leukemia patients are different from other cells mainly by their appearance leukemia types . 
Hairy cell leukemia is not usually responds well to treatment. Polyphony leukemia is a very rare and unusual form of chronic lymphocyte leukemia leukemia types .
Some cancers , called lymphomas , are caused by abnormal blood cells are present in the lymph nodes, liver , spleen or other organs. leukemia types These particular types of cancer will not occur at the level of the bone marrow and have a development which is not characteristic of most forms of lymphocyte leukemia .

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